Ant on a Bamboo Pole

Sometimes little things catch my eye, even when I’m in a place where there are a lot more big things to notice. Like when I was in the Philippines. There were tons of huge things to take notice of and photograph while I was there serving with 13 guys and a bunch of other people, like the evangelistic events we were doing and the major sites we were seeing. I continuously found myself taking macro shots, though. Zoom in on this flower, on that bug, on another puddle. Hmmm. I wonder if I can get a shot of a raindrop (because a Filipino raindrop is obvs way more awesome than a plain-Jane American one). I have this thing about the little stuff. I mean, I have a blog about the little stuff now, so go figure right?

One thing that really caught my eye was an ant just wandering around on the end of a cut bamboo pole. I wondered what he was doing there, why was he there on the end of the pole alone? (Yes, I do realize that in all likelihood it was a female ant, because most worker ants are. Just leave me be ok? Most non-sentient things are male to me. Like my car. Or bugs. Or trees. You get the picture.) Anyway. Why? After a while of staring at him and trying to get a good picture (not very successful, but see above) I think I figured out why he was there. He was supposed to be. He was doing his job, whatever that may be. His God-given, divinely planned purpose was to be on the end of that bamboo pole. Maybe just for me to see when I walked by. Maybe he was scouting or scavenging. God knows, and I don’t. But I do know he was there for a purpose.

Sometimes I wonder how in the world I ended up on the end of a bamboo pole and what my next move should be. Am I supposed to jump off the end of the pole? Go inside? Take a look at the view and head back the way I came? When I do that I’m overthinking my circumstances instead of doing my job. God used circumstances, directions, and people in authority over me to lead my path to the end of the bamboo pole, and usually there’s something I know I should do while I’m there. My purpose on the end of the pole is to obey what God told me to do there and wait for his leading for the next step. Maybe more ants will come to the end of the pole and help accomplish the work there. Maybe a nice passerby will pick me off the pole and transplant me somewhere else. Maybe I will be violently flicked to another location by a not-as-nice passerby. Maybe it’s my time for the bird to come and eat me off the end of the bamboo pole. I don’t know what’s coming, but I do know that I was lead to the end of the pole for a purpose. I have work to do there until I’m lead elsewhere.

 Proverbs 6:6


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