New Life

The Spring is one of my four favorite seasons. Seriously though, I really do like Spring a lot. Especially when the wildflowers (AKA weeds) start coming up. Just this past week I got to see the sweet peas, buttercups, dandelions, clover, and sweet clover all at the same time along the sidewalk. I love seeing the new wildflowers come up. It’s amazing. And the fact that it usually happens around the same time as Easter is even better.

This time of year is all about new life (I do realize that it’s Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, so the emphasis only works for a portion of the world). The new flowers are coming up, whether they’re wildflowers or cultivated ones. We celebrate the new life that is possible in Jesus Christ because of His death, burial, and resurrection. This time of year is crazy awesome, because it’s this time of year that we celebrate a crazy awesome thing that God did for us.

This post is short because I want you to check out the Gospel, what we Christians truly celebrate on Easter, Resurrection Sunday. Below is a link to a video you can watch, but if you have questions about the Gospel don’t hesitate to ask me about it!

He Is Risen! Yes. He is Risen Indeed!


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